Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Nature's Classroom a Success!/Day 1

Our Welcome to Nature's Classroom
Logan's field group sorting dishes to be washed.  
Logan's field group working together to move the A frame and keep Logan from falling off.
Owen's field group eating dinner together. 
Looking for macroinvertibretes in the stream during our dusk walk. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

May Day, 6th Grade Play and Field Trips!

May Day
Thank you to Mrs. Olgivy for a wonderful May Day celebration. The whole school enjoyed coming together to sing and dance to the Sports Day theme. Both the weather and our spirits were warm and sunny throughout the great celebration. Here are a few pictures of the annual 5th and 6th-grade sword dance.

                         6th-Grade Play
Congratulations to our 6th-grade thespians! What a fabulous job of acting, singing and dancing to the Greek myth, Theseus and the Minotaur. And a great big thank you to Mrs. Klocek for directing and producing the play. The Middle School is fortunate to be inheriting such a talented group!

Field Trips
Both 5th and 6th classes met today to go over their upcoming field trips. The 6th graders leave Monday morning at 8:00 for Nature's Classroom in NH and return Wednesday afternoon for 2:50 dismissal. The 6th graders reviewed packing lists, schedules, and activities, as well as expected behaviors and consequences. The 5th graders leave Tuesday morning at 8:00 for Shelburne Museum and will return to WES by 4:00. They reviewed the day's schedule, museum exhibits, and museum behavior expectations. We are fortunate and appreciative of everyone that has made these learning opportunities possible! 

The last field trip of the year will be the following Monday, June 11, when the 6th graders walk to the Woodstock Inn's Athletic Club. This is an annual event that has been going on for over 45 years! The Athletic Club will provide the 6th graders with a barbeque lunch, as well as some time on the tennis courts and swimming in their pool. Students are to wear sneakers and bring their bathing suit and towel. Thank you in advance to the Inn for keeping this tradition and we look forward to the event!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Class Trips/Science Update

Nature's Classroom medical forms: 
The 6th graders will be attending Nature's Classroom in Hancock, NH from Monday,June 4th - Wednesday, June 6th. Nature's Classroom requires that all participants fill out medical forms, including one signed by a medical provider. Forms need to be returned to WES by Friday, May 18th. Please contact Jill Kurash or Jamie Sudol if you have questions or concerns. Many thanks to all who have already turned in their forms.

It's not too late to turn in States and Capitalthon pledge money!
In April, 5th graders tested their knowledge to name all 50 states and their capitals. Pledges for each correct state and capital motivated our 5th graders learn these places and all did extremely well to meet their goals. And it's not too late to turn in the pledge money. The money raised through this fundraiser will be used to pay for the 5th grader's trip to the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont on Tuesday, June 5th. Students will travel by bus and spend from 10 until 2 at the museum, returning to WES by 4:00.

5th Grade Science

5th Graders exploring physical properties of matter to identify 5 white "mystery powders".

6th Grade Science

6th Graders have been exploring Newton's three Laws of Motion during a science unit on force and motion.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Community Service:
Thank you to the Student Council for their community service. On Wednesday, the Council worked to green-up our playground. Rakes, brooms, and shovels were all quickly scraping away the remnants of the long winter and making way for a greener and cleaner playground. The Student Council has just a couple of more events to go (one being the second annual teachers VS 6th graders in handball, go TEACHERS!) before we conclude our year with a celebratory picnic. Thank you, members, for all of your hard work and commitment!

Teacher Appreciation:
Thank you, PTO and parent volunteers, for Tuesday's wonderful Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. We all enjoyed the delicious lunch and felt so appreciated!

Upon completion of our SBAC testing the 5th and 6th graders have begun working on their last writing unit: a memoir. Currently, the students are working hard at studying mentor texts, (Ralph Fletcher's entertaining stories about growing up in a family of nine in Marshfield, Massachusetts are some favorites) jogging their memories for their stories and flashing them into drafts. In the next couple of weeks, one story will be chosen to publish. When completed, ask your child to share the piece which can be accessed in their Google Classroom account. In addition to the memoir piece, Mrs. Kurash's 5th graders are studying the novel Midnight Magic by Avi.

End of the Year Activities:
As the year winds down we'll keep times and information (as soon as we have them!) updated on the "Upcoming Events" section of this blog. While the 6th graders are at Nature Classroom the 5th graders will be taking a field trip to Shelburne Museum on Tuesday, June 5. Permission slips will be sent home with pertinent information regarding this trip. We will need parent chaperones to accompany us to the museum, so please keep that date in mind if you'd like to help.

Thanks for all your support and happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful moms!

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Hello Families!

We hope you all enjoyed a refreshing break and got to experience some relaxation, and maybe even a little sunshine on our week away!

Next week, we will be conducting our state testing. The Smarter Balanced Exam is a series of reading, writing, and math exams that will begin on Monday and continue into the following week. Although it can be stressful for some students, we can make your child's testing experience positive and successful by working together. We ask you to take the time to do these little things and help your child reach their fullest potential:

  • talk with your child about goals for the test
  • make sure your child gets a good nights rest
  • have your child eat a healthy breakfast at home or at school (being hungry makes it hard to concentrate)
  • get to school on time ( it helps eliminate additional distractions and gives them some time to settle in and not feel rushed)
  • gently encourage your child to do their best and have faith in them

Students are welcome to bring headphones or earbuds from home, but we have plenty available for them to borrow if they choose to use ours.

This week, students have reviewed content and have learned some valuable strategies to help them be calm and prepared. Ask them to share some of their favorite strategies with you.

We also had some time this week to practice songs for the 6th-grade play. Please encourage your child to practice their lines at home, too. They have access to all the songs through google classroom. Remind them we are going to try and abandon the script soon!

First whole group practice!

Starting to add some hand motions

Curriculum Update:

5th-We are beginning to multiply and divide fractions.

6th-We have begun a unit on statistics.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April Vacation!

In literacy class, we are completing our book club books. We had some deep thinking and rich discussions about the characters, plot, theme and author's craft from each book group.  After vacation, we'll do some SBAC preparation for the tests which will be administered between April 30 and May 11.

Thank you to all the 5th and 6th-grade performers, stagehands, and emcees that made our annual "Show Your Stuff" terrific! Thank you also to the parents that helped support acts, provide transportation or show WES spirit by attending. If you weren't able to catch the show or would like to see it again, it will be broadcast on our local Channel 8 station in the near future.

NATURE'S CLASSROOM: The 6th graders will be attending Nature's Classroom in Hancock, NH, June 4-6 this year. Mrs. Kurash will be handing out health forms this week and she requests that they are returned to school by Wednesday, May 16. She will also be sending home a packing list and other pertinent information about the trip after vacation.

We wish you all a wonderful break next week and safe travels if you're heading out of town!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

States and Capitalathon/ Ancient Greece

States and Captialathon

For the past four weeks, fifth graders have been hard at work trying to learn to identify states in different regions of the U.S. and their capitals. Now, having completed quizzes on all four regions of country, students are getting ready to be tested on all 50 states and capitals. This final test will be on Thursday, April 4, 2018.  The success of their efforts will be used as a fundraiser for a trip to the Shelburne Museum in June. Pledge sheets for the "States and Capitalathon" should be brought to school this Thursday, and raised money returned next Thursday, April 11, 2018. 

Ancient Greece
The fifth and sixth graders have just completed a unit on Anicent Greece. In addition to learning about the geography of Greece, students spent time researching and discussing the many achievements from this great civilization and the influence of these achievements in our world to day. One example of Ancient Greece's influence is in some of the architecture we see today, even in Woodstock. To learn more about the Greek revival architecture, students visited the Woodstock History Center where Jennie Shurtliff explained different components of Greek architecture followed by a quick walk around the Green to see buildings built in the Greek Revival style.
Back at school, students also created their own Greek temples incorporating elements of Greek design including symetry, balance and beauty.